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  The days of the week in Russian  


The days of the week in Russian:

Saturdayсуббота (СБ)
Sundayвоскресенье (ВС)
Mondayпонедельник (ПО)
Tuesdayвторник (ВТ)
Wednesdayсреда (СР)
Thursdayчетверг (ЧТ)
Fridayпятница (ПТ)

You want to talk about a given day, then use the preposition в followed by the day in acusative: Пойдём в субботу в кино? - We go to the cinema on Saturday?

on Saturdays: For a recurring date the preposition по is used followed by the dativ plural: мы ходим по субботам в теaтр. - We go to the theater on Saturdays.


Wochentagsberechnung (auf Deutsch)Calcula el día de la semana (en Español)Calcul du jour de la semaine (en Français)

Here you will find information about calculating the day of the week for a date that you have chosen. The day of the week is based on the Gregorian calendar. The algorithm is based on the everlasting calendar from Theodor Wagner. (/).

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